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Franklin Mint Online Store

Franklin Mint Online: Buy Franklin Mint Porcelain Dolls at Franklin Mint Website

Franklin Mint Online: Buy Franklin Mint Porcelain Dolls at Franklin Mint Website

Franklin Mint Online: Buy Franklin Mint Porcelain Dolls at Franklin Mint Website

Franklin Mint Online: Buy Franklin Mint Porcelain Dolls at Franklin Mint Website

Franklin Mint Online: Buy Franklin Mint Porcelain Dolls at Franklin Mint Website Search Advanced Search Categories DieCast Harley Jewelry Dolls Fantasy Patriots Pride Racing Legends Christmas Worlds To Discover Additional Gifts Armour & Military Vehicles Corvette Ford Muscle Cars Fifties Classics European Luxury Cars Antique Cars Tractors Fire Engines DieCast Displays Additional Diecast P-38 Lighting "California Cutie" Part Nr: B11B612 Available Now PRICE: $70.00 Approximately 9 5/8” (24.5 cm) in length; 13” (33 cm) wingspan, Scale 1:48 Enlarged View Description To the enemies there was nothing cute about the “California Cutie.” The first twin-tailed fighter bomber makes history again as a sensational 1:48 scale model. This versatile P-38 Lightning added a new dimension to aerial warfare. Hand assembled and hand-painted, this superbly detailed die-cast model is a powerful tribute to the warplane that saved the lives of countless Americans in WWII. P-38 Lightning is a Trademark of Lockheed Martin Corporation used under license to The Franklin Mint A.G. Choose Options Quantity: Email To Friend [ Home Page | What's New | Specials | My Account ] [ My Basket | All Products | Quick Order | Help ] What's New! P-38 Lighting "California Cutie" $70.00 Franklin Mint Harley Davidson • The 1959 Corvette • Franklin Mint Collectible • Franklin Mint Die Cast Car Collection • Franklin Mint Sculptures • The Franklin Mint Coupons • The Franklin Mint Company • The Dale Earnhardt Vette • .Com Franklin Mint • Heart Of Pride Jeweled Pendant • Pink Pearl Bracelet • Franklin Mint Philadelphia • 1955 Corvette • Franklin Mint Library • Franklin Mint Car • Franklin Mint Collectors Society • Britannia Videos And Dvds • The 2004 Commemorative Edition Corvette ZO6 • Armour & Military Vehicles • Franklin Mint Company • Franklin Mint Collector Plate • Franklin Mint Knives • The Franklin Mint Website • Franklin Mint Corvette • Rose Of Love Cross Pendant •

Ordering online at is fast and secure. As you navigate around the Franklin Mint Web site and see collectibles you wish to purchase, simply click on the "add to basket" button to place the item in your shopping basket. After you put an item in your Franklin Mint online shopping basket, you can proceed to checkout to complete your purchase, continue shopping or visit any other part of The Franklin Mint website. Follow the easy instructions on screen. Remember you can cancel your order at any point by taking items out of the shopping basket or by simply not proceeding to checkout. To complete your Franklin Mint purchase at any time, simply click on the checkout button and follow the on-screen instructions. After registering with The Franklin Mint for the first time, you won't have to re-enter your personal information. The Franklin Mint will send an order confirmation e-mail to you soon after receiving your order. Another email will be sent to you when each of the Franklin Mint collectibles you ordered has been shipped. The Franklin Mint Catalog … >>

At The Franklin Mint Online Store you'll find all manner of collectibles, from the timeless Franklin Mint Precision Models and Franklin Mint Rare Collectibles to Franklin Mint Jewelry, Princess Diana Designer Dinnerware, Franklin Mint Dagger Collection … and much more. Below is just a small taster of what you'll find at The Franklin Mint Online:
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The Franklin Mint Store is well known for it's quality products and extensive range of collecibles and gifts: Franklin Mint Direct offers its customers value-for-money on a beautiful range of unique collectibles. The reputation of The Franklin Mint Online is built around the well known Franklin Mint brand-name which is recognised throughout the USA, and also far beyond. When you buy from The Franklin Mint you wont be disappointed!

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… the word collectible (with an "i") and collectable (with an "a") are both correct spellings, with collectable being a variant of collectible. Therefore, it's equally correct to write Franklin Mint Collectibles … and Franklin Mint Collectables.

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